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Do you require localised linguistic support for a trade show, meeting or conference? Our company employs the services of professional interpreters, experienced and reliable, to offer you the interpreting services that match your requirements.

Conference interpreting takes place in a soundproof glass-walled booth; it aims to translate a message from on language into another in a natural, flowing manner, while adopting the presentation style, tone and inflexions of the speaker. The speaker’s comments are translated simultaneously (less than 10 seconds between speech and interpretation).

 Consecutive interpreting consists of translating the speaker’s comments into the other language after he has spoken, in sections of 1 – 30 minutes (ideally every 10 minutes at most). The interpreter takes notes, allowing him/her to reproduce the speaker’s speech faithfully and in its entirety in the target language.

Liaison interpreting (ad hoc) is used during meetings or appointments. It is more informal than consecutive or simultaneous interpreting and takes place in small groups (visitors, foreign clients, etc…).

Morgane Le Bihan carries out certain “liaison” duties herself (English/Spanish < > French).

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