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Sworn translation

Morgane Le Bihan is a sworn Court-appointed expert in translation and interpretation to the Rennes Court of Appeal. In this capacity, she is authorised to translate official documents and affix her stamp to them (“translation conforming to the original”) or carry out interpreting duties within the framework of judicial proceedings.

Non-exhaustive list of documents concerned:
- diplomas, academic records,
- identity papers, driving licences, passports,
- birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates,
- notifications, wills, bills of sale, notarial acts,
- publications, company statutes, minutes of shareholders’ meetings, patents,
- dossiers on adoption, naturalisation, and other documents to be produced during legal proceedings.

"The title of expert, registered on the Court of Appeal’s list, is expressly protected. The Court-appointed expert is a qualified professional, an occasional assistant to the judge as part of the missions entrusted to him or her by various French jurisdictions."

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