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Technical and specialised translation

Our translation services are provided by qualified and experienced professionals, specialising in precise fields, resident in their native countries, and therefore only translating into their mother tongue.

This approach to translation, together with our three key principles (quality assurance, cost control/transparency, and observance of deadlines), goes to meet our sole objective: your satisfaction.

We work from various media (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML...). Please feel free to contact us together we can find a solution to your requirements.

  Press releases, Information letters, brochures, contracts
  Technical documents and reports, manuals and user guides
  Operating instructions, catalogues, standards, patents
  Websites and software packages *
* This list is not exhaustive.

"A guide for purchasing translation" (PDF - French)

Industries and Techniques
IT, telecoms
Electronics / Automation
Mechanics / Hydraulics
safety at work
Renewable energies
Sustainable development
Agricultural industry
Medical equipment
Alternative medicines
Cosmetology / Phytotherapy
Document management
Human resources
Quality assurance
Tourism and Leisure
Sporting equipment
Caravanning / Sailing
Leisure / Games *

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