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Localisation includes and transcends the translation process. Typically, it is a case of translating a product (website, software package, etc…) but also adapting it to suit the linguistic conventions and cultural characteristics peculiar to the user’s country (eg: one version for the UK, one for the US).  To the linguistic processing of the product must be added the ‘engineering work’ (extraction of text, compilation, testing) focusing on the components of the product to be localised (pop-ups, menus, buttons, hyperlinks, images, etc…).
Translation and technical work are closely linked in order to generate a finished product that is operational and functional, and complies with current usage in the user’s country.

 Localisation of websites - A website consists of textual, graphic and programming elements, whether visible or hidden (text, images, hypertext links, formats, etc…) Localisation of a site makes it necessary to combine knowledge that is both linguistic and technical in nature. The target site must function correctly (browsing, links, etc…) while keeping to the site’s graphic charter and maintaining its aesthetic balance.
 Localisation of software - A software package generally consists of three modules: user interface, manual, and on-line assistance. The localisation procedure presupposes a smooth, methodical working process (project management, pre- and post-translation engineering, quality testing, handling updates, etc…) in order to ensure linguistic, stylistic and terminological consistency between the modules in question and the correct functioning of the software.

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